Most Dangerous Places when the SHTF

most dangerous places
There are some major us cities that you don't want to be in if there is a world war 3, civil unrest, food riots, power outages or other natural disasters. This article was originally published by Stefan Stanford at In the new story over at Survival Dan called “During The Collapse: Where To Go And What Places To Avoid”, he reports that when IT hits the fan, America’s ‘population hubs’ will likely explode with violence, looting and the total breakdown of law and order as ...

Trump’s WW3 Reset to lead America to New World Order

Will Trump's geopolitical world war 3 moves lead America into a new world order lead by China and Russia? Eric Zuesse - RINF.COM The disenchanted Reagan Administration official and much-honored economist and political scientist, Paul Craig Roberts, headlined on April 27th, “Washington Plans to Nuke Russia and China” and stated an impressive case that this radical conclusion is realistic, no mere alarmism. Roberts even said in it that “Russia and China cannot simply sit there and await Amer...